Talks and Conferences

Workshop on Explanations for AI, Web Science Conference 2020
Online, July 7th 2020
Paper: ‘Reviewable Automated Decision-Making’

Centre for Information Governance Research Conference 2020
Online, April 30th – May 1st 2020
Paper: ‘Disinformation and the Political Economy of Informational Capitalism’

Conference on Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection (CPDP) 2020
Brussels, January 22nd-24th 2020
Paper: ‘Reviewable Automated Decision-Making’

Lex Ex Machina
Jesus College, Cambridge, December 13th 2019
Paper: 'Legal Singularity and the Reflexivity of Law'

Who Runs the Internet: Internet Consolidation and Control
Chatham House, December 7th 2019

Cambridge Trust & Technology Initiative 2019 Symposium
University of Cambridge, September 19th 2019
Conference organiser

Digital Leadership Forum
Lloyds Bank, London, June 19th 2019
Talk: 'The Governance and Ethical Challenges of AI'

APPG on the Rule of Law: The EU Settlement Scheme
House of Commons, June 16th 2019

Ethical Conundrums and the Social Responsibility of Scientists
University of Cambridge, July 12th 2019

Rustat Conference on Blockchain in the Real World
Jesus College, Cambridge, June 13th 2019
Session chair

Data for Policy 2019
University College London, June 12th 2019
Paper: 'Administrative law and Automated Decision-Making in the Public Sector'

Judicial Review in the Digital Age
University of Oxford, June 3rd 2019
Paper: 'Judicial Review of Automated Decision-Making'

Workshop on the Ethics and Methodology of Targeting
University of Cambridge, May 10th 2019
Paper: 'Regulating Recommending'

BILETA 2019 – Back to the futures: law without frontiers?
Queen’s University Belfast, April 2019
Paper: 'Regulating Recommending: Motivations and Considerations'

The Public Sphere in the Age of the Algorithm
Cambridge Science Festival, March 14th 2019

Cambridge Centre for Public Law – New Faces in Public Law series
University of Cambridge, March 5th 2019
Talk: 'Administrative Law and Automated Public-Sector Decision-Making'

Shoshana Zuboff – The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 
University of Cambridge, February 4th 2019
Organiser and panellist

Technology and New Media Research Cluster
University of Cambridge, February 4th 2019
Talk: 'Algorithmic Surveillance: Power and Control in the Information Age'

Critical Perspectives on Law, Technology, and Society Reading Group
Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, 2018-19

Cambridge Trust & Technology Initiative Launch
University of Cambridge, September 20th 2018
Conference organiser

Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre 2018 Symposium
University of Cambridge, September 17th-18th 2018
Paper presented: 'Administrative Law and Automated Public-Sector Decision-Making'

Personal Data Stores: A New Approach to Control of Online Privacy?
University of Cambridge, July 24th 2018
Organiser and panel chair

Liberty Staff Brownbag
Liberty, June 12th 2018
Talk: 'Surveillance Capitalism'

RSA Forum for Ethical AI / DeepMind Citizen Juries
Birmingham, May 13th 2018
Expert panel participant

Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence – ‘Trust and AI’ Seminar Series
University of Cambridge, May 9th 2018
Talk: 'Trustworthy Systems and Decision Provenance'

Dagstuhl Seminar 18181 – Towards Accountable Systems
April 29th – May 4th 2018

Leverhulme Centre for Cybersecurity and Society Annual Conference
Queen’s University Belfast, May 25th 2017
Paper presented: 'Big Data, Surveillance, and the Digital Citizen'