I'm a Research Associate and Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Technology (Computer Laboratory) at the University of Cambridge, where I'm part of the Compliant and Accountable Systems research group. I'm also on the Executive Committee of Cambridge's multi-disciplinary Trust & Technology Initiative, which explores the dynamics of trust and distrust around internet technologies, societies, and power. I'm a member of the Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Queens' College, Cambridge. Although I work in a computer science department, I hold a PhD in Law from Queen’s University, Belfast and my background more generally is in law.

I'm generally interested in critical interdisciplinary work on law, technology and society; the socio-political power of tech companies, the role of their business models and ideological underpinnings in transforming society, the structural conditions produced through new and emerging technologies, and what kind of legal responses we might need for things like internet platforms, the growing use of machine learning, and automated decision-making. For my PhD, I studied machine learning in commercial and state internet surveillance, and the impact of these related forms of surveillance on the relationship between the individual and society.